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Lees Screen

Ophthalmedica Ltd supply two Screeners for rapid evaluation of ocular motor pareesis, diplopia and strabismus. This improved model of the Lees Screen , consists of two shallow metal housings to which are attached white translucent screens, on their inner surface a tangent pattern, invisible unless illuminated by the internal lighting system.

The Lees Screen provides complete dissociation without the use of colour filters.

Lees Screen

less screen

When the two screens are secured at right angles, dissociation is achieved by use of a mirror carried on a septum set at 45 degrees to each screen

Two wands are provided, the one used by the patient terminates in a black ring whilst the pratictioner's bears a black disc. Either screen can be illuminated and a pneumatic foot-switch allows the other screen to be switched on to check the fixation position of the eye being examined.

A Floor Standing Unit (FSU) is also available for the Lees Screen if required. For more details please contact us.

  • Model 313,

  • Model 332 Lees Screen Diagnostic Recording Charts, Pad of 50

  • Model 333 Hess Recording Charts, Pad of 50.

Logmar Chart Illuminator

An illuminated cabinet to house ETDRS distance acuity charts in Logmar progression with Snellen equivalent notation for testing at 4m with 14 rows of Lagmar letters. It is manufactured in the UK to meet all required standards and is CE marked. Illumination is by means of daylight fluorescent lamps.

The Chart Illuminator box comes complete with one letter chart for testing at 4 metres and may be wall mounted. For ease of movement an optional base on castors is available.

Electric Hess Screen

This improved sturdy model of the Hess Screen has been produced from high impact polystyrene with an easy to use push button hand control. The wall mounted screen incorporates the original Hess Pattern and by using complimentary red and green filters found in the Diplopia Goggles, Foster Torch and illuminated pattern on the Screen, the eyes are dissociated.

  • Model 330.2,

  • Model 332 Diagnostic Charts,

  • Model 333 Hess Recording Charts

Optokinetic Drum

A stronger and more durable optokinetic drum has now been produced. A simple device for stimulation and assessment of optokinetic nystagmus. The Optokinetic Drum provides a large moving area giving optimum conditions for producing a response. Model 450

Hopkisson Vernier Strips

Incorporated with the Catford Visual Acuity System for fast, accurate and simple infant vision testing. Also available in sets of 2 (3 strips per set) and easily attached to existing Catford Drums.

Catford Visual Acuity System

Incorporating the Hopkisson Vernier Strips, this hand held electrically operated device provides an objective method of visual acuity estimation by means of induced optokinesis.

Catford Visual Acuity System

The Catford apparatus is easily portable and is convenient for both clinic and bedside tests. Because it is simple in operation, a result can be obtained before the child tires. Model 505

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