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Ophthalmedica Ltd was established in 1983 by Desmond and Maureen Wright. Desmond Wright had over 22 years' experience of sales of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment and instruments with Hamblin Instruments Ltd, latterly as Sales Director.
Ophthalmedica Ltd maintains its range of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment and is clearly focused on concentrating and providing a small portfolio of quality well established products to the ophthalmic profession. These authentic ophthalmic products continue to be produced under the auspices of ISO 9002, quality assured and CE approved.

The range of Ophthalmedica Ltd specialised ophthalmic diagnostic equipment include the Lees Screen, the Hess Screen, the Optokinetic Drum, Catford Visual Acuity System, the Logmar Illuminated Cabinet and Logmar charts.

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All products included within this website are subject to continuous development and improvement, and therefore may differ slightly from illustrations and descriptions contained herein. All information is given in good faith, however, it is acknowledged that there may be errors or omissions. Please contact Ophthalmedica Ltd prior to ordering, to ensure data is unchanged.

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